Our History

Chinese Grace Baptist Church was planted in 1972 by Rev. Thomas Lowe and Deaconess Ruth Lowe with a mission to evangelize to the Cantonese community in New Chinatown. The original congregation of 20 Chinese Christians (later known as the “Founders”) worshipped on the first Lord’s Day in 1972 and was pastored by Reverend Yun Lao Cho. Rev. Andrew Chan pastored from 1978-1982 and he is our Emeritus Pastor since 2007. The first fellowships for all ages began in 1978.

The church moved to its current Monterey Park location on its 17th anniversary, in 1989; fellowship lunch has been served after Sunday services ever since. The church became a chartered member of the Southern Baptist affiliates on local, state and national levels in 1990. In 1993 the first church bylaws were published then revised in 2000 and 2005. A summer school program for children started in 2002 and slowly expanded to a full summer program in four years. Summer programs were from 9am-6pm five days a week with a focus on VBS, math and English classes, discovery activities, Bible lessons, learning about animals, and computer lessons. The church has had a long tradition of conducting Sunday school and in 2007 we began a discipleship program with an evangelistic emphasis.

We will focus ministries on achieving these top core values: preaching and teaching the Bible, prayers, evangelism, worship, and Bible knowledge. We are committed to praying for and acting on our mission of “Become like Christ in all areas of life and bring others to Him.” and vision of “Respond to the love of God by teaching the Word for life transformation and equipping disciples to fulfill the Great Commission.” The church prays for and works to have weekly Cantonese and English Sunday worship services by 2008.

Much of the surrounding areas are residential-Hispanics populates the west and south of the church, with Chinese to the north, and a potpourri of ethnics in the east. A one-way street separates our front side and a major freeway. We are a commuter church bringing together three generations of Cantonese and English speaking members. The general area is heavily populated by Chinese churches; many are of mid-size by congregation. Several churches are within 2 miles radius from us. Adjacent to the church is a public park and Bella Vista Elementary School offering Kindergarten – 6th grades with 800+ students comprised of 80% Hispanics, 16 % Asian, and 4% Anglo. Within 10 miles are Los Angeles City College and California State University of Los Angeles; within 20 miles are, Pasadena City College, Mt. San Antonio City College, California State Universities of Pomona and Long Beach, and University of Southern California.