Our Staff

David Arghir
English Pastor

David grew up in Europe and met with Christ at the age of 14.  Two years later, after he was baptized, he preached his first sermon before an auditorium of over 600 people, which unfortunately, he remembers, that sermon as a ”total disaster.” Consequently, he decided not to preach anymore or to be a pastor. His dream was to become a geologist and astronomer but multiple circumstances turned his life towards ministry. Four years later he failed to enter at State University due to his religious affiliation. In this context, during that year, he began to serve in a small church with life groups, bible study, and teaching.  Then the pastor of that church approached him and guided him to consider theological education.  After months of struggle to embrace a new path, he went to Baptist Theological Institute and after four years he graduated in 1996, which was also an amazing surprising year: he got married to Iuliana and also he was ordained as pastor. God blessed his marriage with two amazing children: Emanuela who loves to play worship music and piano and Filip who dreams to become a doctor. David served in different churches as senior pastor, college professor, and director of mission field for clergyman and lay people, until 2006, when he moved to the USA, where he started Master of Arts in Biblical Studies/ Languages at Vanguard University. After graduation in 2009, he served as pastor for five years with Calvary Baptist Church of Lake Havasu, which transformed David tremendously.  He also graduated with M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary with emphasis on biblical languages and then God called him to serve Chinese Grace Baptist Church on May 2018.

I dream to see people transformed and to become effective leaders for God’s kingdom who will remain faithful to the word of God and sufficient relevant in postmodern context. I enjoy reading history and philosophy, biblical languages, soccer, football, good food and to develop healthy relationships. His favorite bible text is:’ Now the crowning affirmation to what we are saying is this: we do have such a high priest, who has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, an officiating priest of holy things.”


Nick Tam
Outreach and Youth Pastor

Nick was born and raised in San Jose, California, and became saved through his sister.  During high school, he became very involved with the youth group at his church and felt the general call to ministry since then.  He then relocated to Los Angeles to receive a BS in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona in 2008, and worked as a web developer for a year at Dreambox Creations.  Nick, answered his call to ministry and joined Chinese Grace Baptist Church in October 2009, where he currently leads Outreach and youth programs.   He completed his Masters of Divinity at BIOLA University’s, Talbot school of Theology, and looks forward to serving the LORD faithfully.

“I seek to deepen my relationship with God and trust Him to lead me in my life. I’ve felt the calling to serve Him full-time since high school and nothing is more exciting to me than to see God working in my life and others lives. I enjoy playing guitar, basketball, driving (not in traffic), and reading the Word.”