Seeking new pastor!

Our church is seeking to fill a pastor position!  Please see the brief job description below and more information on how to apply.



Focus – Provide kingdom leadership to the church. Equip believers to have a fruitful Christian lifestyle of worship and service.  Lead disciples to focus on the Great Commission, and to take and share the Gospel with the unsaved.

Including but not limited to…


  • Lead the pastoral and church staff.
  • Lead the body of deacons to serve in care ministries.
  • Lead the council to fulfill its mission.
  • Provide vision, direction, oversight, and advice to church leaders.


  • Preach from the Bible and teach the Truth in corporate worship.
  • Challenge the church with practical life applications.
  • Prepare systematic and thematic preaching.


  • Train up church leaders to be effective stewards of the ministries.
  • Identify members’ potential spiritual gifts and empower them to use their talents to serve.
  • Teach sound doctrine to the church in smaller group settings.


  • Provide pastoral care and counseling to members.
  • Mentor leaders on caring, encouragement, and team building.
  • Participate in community events that promote care and hospitality.


  • Manage and mentor pastoral and church staff.
  • Ensure a tight coordination and accountability between church leaders and staff.
  • Represent the church in the faith and local communities.

We are prayerful that our pastor is a godly servant and visionary leader who exemplifies Jesus Christ in his behavior, words and deeds that model sustained ethical and strong Christian character.  We are prayerful that our pastor will demonstrate total commitment to the spirit of his call, discipleship, and adaptability.

If you are interested in applying, please download the Job Application form, and submit it online at our pastor job application page

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